Tai Chi/Qigong DVD

Our intention is to be able to share our knowledge of some great Qigong and Tai Chi routines with more people around the world.  Thanks to YouTube and social media networking and blogs such as this we can now do this quicker and easier via our series of DVDs each with a different theme.

In the future we plan to print some Photo Books and make available E-Books and E-Classes where we can pre-record lessons for you to purchase and download to learn at your own pace and time.  We love to  travel to different countries to run seminars and workshops and also bring along our students and fellow practitioners holidaying and practicing in different locations – imagine beneath the Eiffel Tower, on the Great Wall of China, on a tropical island near the Australian Great Barrier Reef or amongst nature in many other beautiful countryside or beaches.

The DVDs are available for purchase if you would like them and use them to practice at home.   Just  drop us line at relax@lifebalancetaichi.com.au. And visit our website http://www.lifebalancetaichi.com.au


Click on this to view a preview of Poh’s inaugural Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi DVD.  This was filmed by our son (our budding Film Director Cinematographer) and was shot on location at Fagan Park in Galston, in the Northern suburbs of Sydney.  The setting is peaceful, calm and a with good Energy, especially with the local population of ducks and water birds joining in!

The Theme is TRANQUILITY.  This Qigong is just the thing to start learning how to relax your body, calm the mind, learn how to breathe so you feel the tension and stresses melt away as you get into the postures.  There are 18 movements in this Set 1 and what I love about it is that whoever practices this can begin to engage their imagination and visualisation powers, in this way taking the mind away from the stresses, mundane thoughts and worries that we may have.

Imagine executing the names of the postures e.g. ‘painting the rainbow’, ‘separating the clouds’, ‘pushing the waves’, ‘cloud hands in horse-riding stance’, ‘flying goose’ etc.   Many of my students have related to me that others remark on how calm, tranquil and peaceful they look or how well they slept and even their families could feel a different calm energy around them after practicing this Qigong.


This is the Preview of Poh’s 2nd Qigong with the Theme “INNER STRENGTH” using Tendon Muscle Changing Qigong.   The full set with 18 postures will help with strengthening  your tendons and muscles in almost every part of your body.
You get a good workout, feel supple, toned and flexible, energised and relaxed with spirit alert.

The music is from a group called Bandari, the album is Mist and the selected pieces go well with the movements.  My favourite track is on this preview and is called “Melody of Love”.


Piao demonstrates this short set which gives us an experience of the TIGER, DEER, BEAR, MONKEY and BIRD postures.  Adults and kids like this form.  The five organs that are positively energised by these postures are the liver, kidney, spleen and heart.

This preview was shot at Milsons Point looking south to the harbour city of Sydney and also at the beautiful Echo Point in Katoomba, up in the Blue Mountains about 2 hours west of Sydney.


ESSENCE: Wu Style Tai Chi Essential Forms

Poh demonstrates the Essential Forms, returning to peaceful Fagan Park in Galston, Sydney.   This graceful and elegant short form is a good intro for anyone wishing to start learning Wu Style Tai Chi.  The Essential Form was created by Master ZHANG Yun (YCGF North America) and is the little brother to the 37 Forms Taijiquan created by the late GrandMaster WANG Peisheng from Beijing.

Some still photos of 5 Animal Frolics and Essential Form.

2 responses

17 04 2011
Brian Zayman

I used to practice the version of Yi Jin Jing from the book comint out of China of the same name. But your version is more graceful and I feel I’dlike better. How can I purchase the DVD?

6 05 2012

Hi Brian

It is almost a year since you last visited my Poh & Piao blog and mentioned about your practice of Yi Jin Jing.
Are you still wanting to purchase the DVD as I am able to ship it to you? If so just drop me an email at:

Kind Regards
Jan Poh

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