High Caliber Swordsmanship

21 05 2013

This video clip shows a beautiful demonstration of Wu Style Sword by Master Shi MeiLin who lives in New Zealand.  She is a Wushu and Tai Chi champion and an amazing teacher and martial artist.

She is the adopted daughter of legendary Wu Style martial artists Grandmaster Ma Yuehliang and Wu Yinghwa.   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shi_Mei_Lin

We had the honour and privilege of meeting her twice in Wellington when we attended her Tai Chi workshop in 2007 and again when we took a holiday cruise to NZ in 2010.

I love practising the Wu Style Tai Chi, straight sword, broadsword and the amazing Fast Form!

From New York Central Park to Sydney Belmore Park

16 06 2010

Wu Style Tai Chi Master Benjamin Wu of  New York City visited Sydney from  June 4th – 14th 2010.  He was kind enough to spend time with us to share his gems and knowledge of the art.

From his instruction, we have gained further understanding as to the importance of:

  • opening the hip joint (kua)
  • focusing on the Ming Men (Gate of Life) point and
  • tucking in the tail bone

in the Forms and Push Hands practice.  These are key to maintain one’s own stability.

Benjamin Wu demonstrating Single Whip Posture

Fisherman casting the Net Posture

Hit the Tiger Posture

If you would like to meet Master Benjamin Wu in New York Central Park, please visit his website : http://www.taijiprobe.com for contact details.