There are angels on the street

8 10 2012

Piao and I attended a music recital at EmilyMax Music shop and tea gallery at Chatswood recently one evening.  A lovely lady played on the guzheng.  Quite a few came too and we sat and enjoyed  hot cups of tea (Taiwan tea).  At the end of the evening I had given Eric the proprietor my business card and put my purse back into my handbag – without zipping it up properly.  We left the shop and just before crossing the street, I noticed a man and woman just walking to and getting into their car parked in front of where we were standing at the kerb.

We crossed the street and the man called out and I turned around.  He came across the street to me and asked’ “did you drop this?”  It was my purse and I did not even hear it fall to the ground!  I said “thank-you” to him many times and I came home that evening with such gladness and appreciation, faith and trust that there are still “strangers” out there amongst us who are like angels, coming to our assistance when one least expects it.  What a timing that he noticed my purse had just dropped near his car ….. Bless you stranger!



26 03 2010

There has been 2 significant ones over the last few months that I would love to share.

Synchronicity event #1: The first one involved me driving for an hour to attend a seminar on Cancer in Dee Why, a beautiful Northern beach suburb of Sydney.  One of the speakers was an oncologist that I had met a couple of years ago at a talk by Jon Kabat-Zinn on “Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction” so it was good to say hello to him again.  After the talk I introduced myself to a few other groups there from various cancer support to rehabilitation hospitals.  One of the hospitals had a Wellness facility that I felt I may be able offer my services with Qigong and I had on the previous days been trying to phone to speak to the Doctor who heads the rehab facility with no avail.

Well, what’s the chance to be able to speak to a busy doctor?  Very slim chance ??! But, hold this thought, will be back to this in a  minute.

So anyway I felt compelled to drop by the beach since it was so near by.  It was low tide so I walked round and found a quiet spot to practiced my Tai Chi for a while.  After that I got out my trusty iPhone to take some photos of the beautiful sandstone rocks and the blue sea.  A gentleman who had walked past previously came by and offered to take photos of me doing some Tai Chi steps (see photos below).   The amazing thing was that he is an acquaintance from about 10 years ago who was from another company that worked on an I.T. project I was involved in.  We talked and I was thoroughly amazed of his work with Angels!!   We talked for a long while and then parted and I am trying to decide if I would just drive home or head towards this rehabilitation hospital.

I decide to visit the hospital and when I got there the manager I met at the seminar earlier had left.   So I am walking back to the car and then noticed a sign “The Wellness Centre”.  Ah, so this is THE place …  so I walk in but there is no one around but some voices came from the rooms.  I wait hoping to introduce myself to one of the physio staff.

Then someone comes out from the room and walks up to where I am standing and says to me “I am Doctor xxx, have you been waiting for me?”  You could have knocked me over with a feather!  It was the very Doctor that I had been trying to contact by phone the previous days and now he is right in front of me bright and handsome asking me this question!!!

Synchronicity event #2: During my last retreat to the Brahma Kumaris (BK) retreat centre, (refer to On Cloud Nine blog entry) Louise mentions about Dr Roger Cole, a palliative care Oncologist and his work.  So I purchased his international best seller book “Mission of Love” and one evening two weeks later  I decide to pick up the book and started to read the first couple of chapters.  It is very beautiful and his writing moved me.  I got somewhat teary and probably in my heart asked how would I be able to do offer my services and meet with someone like Dr Cole.

Well, what’s the chance to meet up with a well-respected busy doctor, and an author?  Very slim chance ?? !

The phone rings and it’s my friend BK Pam.  We chat for a while and then she asks “There is a talk on by Dr Roger Cole this Friday, would you like to attend?”   I turn and look at the cover of the book in my hands and it IS the very same Doctor that I just said minutes ago I wanted to meet!!!

So we all went to the talk and thoroughly enjoyed hearing about his work with terminally ill patients and how through his own spiritual journey and growth has been able to help so many be peaceful and complete in their last days.  I introduce myself and had Dr Cole sign my book.  He says it would be good to have me do some Qigong when he holds some of his presentation.  I said if he felt it was appropriate,  I would be delighted to and asked when he would be doing the next one.  As we talked it turns out that he is the very person who will be facilitating the one-day retreat on “The Power of Spiritual Love” that I had already booked in to, weeks before!

Falling Gracefully

7 03 2010

The little tiny scab on my knee is lifting and I am trying to resist helping it off.  This post is about how I got this scab due to an amazing fall I had 2 weeks ago.

I don’t exactly remember how, but I had to walk around the group that were there queuing where we were serving cappuccino, lattes etc for school sports.  I was walking too near to the edge of a concrete slab at the site.   The sports ground sloped up to this  slab and because it is a new construction for the canteen the surrounding area is not properly finished.  The path that leads up to this slab is just filled with gravel and large stones and ended quite a few inches below the edge of the slab.

Anyway before I knew it, I had lost balance and practically started to lunge forward heading down to the concrete.  I sensed I was falling but almost in slow motion and ended up on the concrete with elbows bent in an almost push-up position on my palms,  the unstoppable momentum finally found my left cheek and body intimately meeting the ground.

It is never dignified to fall and one feels stupid and very un-elegant picking oneself up!  Someone close by immediately handed me a 2L milk bottle to put under my chin – first aid for bruising!  When I got assisted up I quickly got out my trusty spray bottle of scalar energised water from my handbag and sprayed on to the chin and knee.  It singed but I know this works to stop bleeding quickly.  Looking at my damage it was only a light scrape on the knee.  I kept the spraying going regularly all day.

Looking back I was extremely lucky to have got through with a very tiny lightly scrapped left knee, and a tiny bruise on my chin all the size of 5 cent pieces.  My forearm, elbows and where I landed on my palms had no scrapes or bruising at all.  Someone jokingly thanked me for demonstrating this amazingly graceful fall and I replied it must be this softness, Soong (looseness) and non-resistance that we practice in our Tai Chi and Qigong that contributed to this absolute Relaxed Lightness in landing.  That’s what I like to think anyway, but probably won’t like to repeat this demo!  Or possibly I was lifted by angels …