Learn, Teach, Grow!


As part of our Corporate Program, we are delighted to offer our expertise and experiences in this Life Art to your staff.  Our program comes in three deliverables:

  • Regular sessions for a block of time e.g. 8 – 10 weeks of between 45 – 60 mins duration
  • Corporate Energisers at Conferences – before the start of a day or in during the day
  • Train-the-Trainer Workshops –  we teach and empower you to teach others

Regular Sessions

The purpose and intention of these are to provide up to an hour of relaxation whilst learning a set of effective movements and exercises that will give much benefit to help melt tension and stresses, build strength in muscles, tendons and joints, provide techniques for effective breathing and much more.

The intention is for our clients to come away from each lesson understanding more about their connectedness between mind and body, listening to the body, as well as feeling calm, refreshed and revitalised with an inner peace and uplifted energies.

The sharing and working together “team bonding” is also realised from participating in the Tai Chi and Qigong sessions.

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