Falling Gracefully

7 03 2010

The little tiny scab on my knee is lifting and I am trying to resist helping it off.  This post is about how I got this scab due to an amazing fall I had 2 weeks ago.

I don’t exactly remember how, but I had to walk around the group that were there queuing where we were serving cappuccino, lattes etc for school sports.  I was walking too near to the edge of a concrete slab at the site.   The sports ground sloped up to this  slab and because it is a new construction for the canteen the surrounding area is not properly finished.  The path that leads up to this slab is just filled with gravel and large stones and ended quite a few inches below the edge of the slab.

Anyway before I knew it, I had lost balance and practically started to lunge forward heading down to the concrete.  I sensed I was falling but almost in slow motion and ended up on the concrete with elbows bent in an almost push-up position on my palms,  the unstoppable momentum finally found my left cheek and body intimately meeting the ground.

It is never dignified to fall and one feels stupid and very un-elegant picking oneself up!  Someone close by immediately handed me a 2L milk bottle to put under my chin – first aid for bruising!  When I got assisted up I quickly got out my trusty spray bottle of scalar energised water from my handbag and sprayed on to the chin and knee.  It singed but I know this works to stop bleeding quickly.  Looking at my damage it was only a light scrape on the knee.  I kept the spraying going regularly all day.

Looking back I was extremely lucky to have got through with a very tiny lightly scrapped left knee, and a tiny bruise on my chin all the size of 5 cent pieces.  My forearm, elbows and where I landed on my palms had no scrapes or bruising at all.  Someone jokingly thanked me for demonstrating this amazingly graceful fall and I replied it must be this softness, Soong (looseness) and non-resistance that we practice in our Tai Chi and Qigong that contributed to this absolute Relaxed Lightness in landing.  That’s what I like to think anyway, but probably won’t like to repeat this demo!  Or possibly I was lifted by angels …

Tai Chi may fight depression, obesity | Health | BigPond News

8 02 2010

This press release brings good news about research being done from University of Queensland, Australia on the topic of how Tai Chi may be able to help people with Depression and Obesity.

I look forward to meeting up with Dr Xin LIU to find out more from him about his work of Kaimai (opening the Channels) Tai Chi which he designed.

via Tai Chi may fight depression, obesity | Health | BigPond News.