Body & Water Energiser


We find many benefits for our health and improving our energy levels for our family and many others with the Positive Energy from  using these Bio Tools.  They are quite amazing and make a difference to our wellbeing and energy levels.

Water plays such an important role in our bodies as we are about 75-80% water.  We know that the water energised by these Bio Tools have a crystalline structure which means the water has been redefined making it hydratious, slightly alkalinsing and helps keep our body  and immunity functioning well.

Information about Amezcua Body and Water Energiser Biotechnology tools from QuestNet may be found via this link:

To understand the how Scalar Energy benefits our health and wellness :

Please visit our other blog  Body and Water Energisers for more informatiion on the Bio Disc.

The Amezcua Bio Disc is amazingly multifunctional from energising our drinking water or any liquids to alleviating aches and skin problems.  To view how to use the Bio Disc and Chi Energy Pendant click on the images to enlarge.

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