Hello world!

21 12 2009

Thank you for dropping by.  This is a blog about sharing ideas and inspiring others to take charge of their health and wellness.

We have been wanting to join the bloggers of the world to share our thoughts, passions and learnings for at least a year+ and finally it is born, our first blog!  Thanks to our eldest for initiating this one and showing how ‘simple’ it is.  So on this Summer Soltice day 2009, also Piao b’day, we are blogging  WooHoo!  (We are still raw at this but at least have begun).

Born in Malaysia, both Piao and I both left our families as teenagers and came over to Sydney, Australia as students and graduated from Uni of NSW in the mid-70’s.

In Oz we adopted the names Jan and Frank, so you may know us better by these names but today we are re-associating (slowly) with our birth names.  My name Poh Sae means ‘Precious Snow’ and Yong Piao means ‘Brilliant Tiger Cub’ hence the blogname PohPiao.

As I embarked on my journey to Sydney way back in 1974,  I was inspired and encouraged by my beloved Tai Chi master Sifu Chong Wah to accept the silk Banner he presented to me to  “Expand and Blossom Tai Chi” to my new adopted homeland.  Hence when my brother EK Yeap who also trained with Sifu Chong  joined me at uni we started the very first Tai Chi Club at the University and had our first group of students.

My first recollection of Tai Chi was when I was 6 years old.   I  was fortunate to spend 2 years living with my maternal grandmother whom I called Por-Por.  She was very fond of me and I respected and loved her and she was the first one I recall who practiced Tai Chi.  I can still remember watching her do her forms and  how elegant and fluid her movements were.   I was inspired.

My mum and dad first brought me as well to take lessons when they started Tai Chi in 1964 learning from Sifu OW Tuck Seng the Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan.  There were the traditional 108 forms, push hands and martial applications.  We did lose touch with him after 2 years of lessons and it was incredible to visit and meet him again 40 years later in Singapore.

I would like to acknowledge my parents as they have always been so wonderful to nurture and support me in this love for the Art and I am truly so grateful to them.  My dad who is 86  and in top health is still very keen on the martial and “push-hands” practices.

Today I continue to learn and grow and am honoured and grateful to my all my Teachers that I have seeked and look forward to those I am yet to learn from. Piao and I have a passion for  the internal Art of Life and wish to share it with you and others who have joined us on this beautiful journey.

From here our dreams and vision is to continue to learn, train, practice and apply with the Masters of  Internal Martial Arts (Tai Chi, Bagua, Xing Yi), Qigong, Spiritual gurus and Healers from around the globe.   We aspire to leave a contribution to our brothers and sisters who  we connect with on this life’s journey by inspiring, learning from each other and passing on our skills and knowledge.

I hope you will enjoy this blog and please re-visit as we plan to keep it updated regularly with News, Events and Information on our Tai Chi and Qigong activities, and other areas we are interested and involved in:  Health and Wellness, Body and Mind Intelligence, Spirituality, Meditation, Integrative Medicine, Energetic Healing, alternate healing modalities and Bio Energy tools that we find beneficial and use personally.

Poh  🙂